Ryan reynolds dating blake lively

Taylor Swift may have a new man in her life, but her squad is forever.

The pop princess has all but disappeared from the limelight, thanks to a budding new romance with British actor Joe Alwyn.

Fast forward a year, they're both single and go on a double date.

Here's the twist: It was a date with different people.

The two have reportedly been dating for several months now, while keeping a low profile.

For months now, the singer has been living an extremely private life—keeping from the public eye and social media.

While no one may have this love thing figured out, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds seem to have the hang of it.

Although there's no information about what the very famous and attractive foursome did together — go to the beach? She is in a happy place, even though she seems like she is hiding. trip, Taylor and Joe returned to New York and reportedly hid under a pair of hooded sweatshirts and an umbrella, and hit the gym together, E! As of now, neither of the members of #Swiftwyn (#Al Swift? ) have confirmed their couplehood, and have both made it clear that they want to keep things private.

As you may remember, this isn't the first time that Taylor and one of her BFs have hitched up with the Lively–Reynoldses in R. Last Fourth of July, during the #hiddleswift days, she and Tom Hiddleston posed for photos with the husband and wife.

After all, you want to spend quality time with your partner, but also show you're laid back enough to hang out with their friends, drink beer in the pub, talk about the Premier League and play wingman to their BFF on a night out because, well, you're the 'cool girlfriend'.

, he and Blake, 28, attempted to date other people, but quickly realised they only had eyes for each other.

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